The Best Things in Life are Free.

Lad Life NFT is a collection of 3333 3D derivative NFTs inspired by Larva Lads.

It was launched with FREE MINT, with no Whitelist and no Presale.

The collection sold out in 8 minutes after minting started.

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Meet the Lads

3000 Unique NFTs

Over 100+ beautifully rendered unique traits, some of which have never been seen before.

Attention to Detail

Our art process is second to none, with each trait skillfully crafted to ensure a high level aesthetic.

Public IP

Lad Life NFTs are CCO public domain and can be used any way you wish.


Started from the bottom, now we here

The concept is born from the ground, much like larvae, and created by friends and Larva Lad community members

Power in numbers

As our Lads multiply, community growth is imperative in creating the Lad Life family

Cocoon Metamorphosis

After all 3K of Lad Life NFT are living on the Ethereum blockchain, work begins on a very special larvae metamorphosis, where each NFT held will provide one free mint (+ gas) to our sequel collection. Watch your Lad evolve as they grow in the Metaverse!

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